The speaking name "Girl from the Fields" ideally conveys the spirit of this collection, which includes both romantic dresses with sleeves-lanterns and wings, and seductive models with cutouts. To embody the images, the most delicate, melting color shades and various floral elements in the decor were chosen: embroidery, appliqués, ornaments.
The name "Girl from the Fields" was not invented by chance. It has become very personal for the couturier Nadezhda Yusupova, the founder of the brand. Inspired by native Siberia, its beauty and magical, indescribable feeling of freedom, closeness to nature, the designer characterizes his "Girl from the fields" as follows: "Carefree, dreamy and in love with everything that surrounds her, that is, with Life ..." This is a special state of mind, absolutely independent of age.

The creation of designer collections most often begins with the selection of fabrics. For "Girl from the Fields", basically, the most delicate, melting color shades were chosen: from white to ivory, blue, pink, lilac, peach. The only dark dress - the color of the night sky - became the highlight of the show. Another common favorite is the feathery dress that opened the show. Rising and as if taking off with each step of the model, they created a feeling of freedom and flight. This motif can also be traced in the forms of dress details - lantern sleeves, elements resembling wings …

In the collection you can also find very beautiful and sexy styles of dresses that fit the silhouette, with deep cutouts on the chest or back, open legs with slits, dresses with trains and translucent materials. We are convinced in which season: such models do not go out of fashion.